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Bottle Collection service
Have a bottle at home that you would like transformed? Contact us via email or on Instagram to arrange a pickup!
About us
At Cut & Polished, our mission is to provide high-quality tools and guidance for cutting and upcycling glass bottles and to create a supportive community for people passionate about repurposing and sustainable living. We believe in empowering individuals to turn discarded glass bottles into unique, functional pieces of art and to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Our goal is to be a leading provider of resources and support for the glass bottle cutting community.
Giving back
At Cut & Polished, we believe that giving back is an integral part of running a business. That's why we're committed to donating 5% of our profits to mental health initiatives. We recognize that mental health is an important issue that affects many individuals and communities, and we want to do our part to support those in need.