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100% Sustainability 

Our story at Cut and Polished is nothing fancy or amazing, just three friends trying to be more sustainable. Rory, Mark and Sean the three founders where  three college friends who shared a passion for sustainability and a desire to make a positive impact on the environment. This is the story of how we turned that passion into a business.

We often spent our evenings brainstorming ways to reduce waste and create sustainable solutions. One day, we came across the idea of turning glass bottles into functional products, such as drinking glasses and vases. We quickly realized that there was no easy and accessible way for people to cut glass bottles at home, and so the idea for our company was born.


Reduce, Reuse and Upcycle 

At Cut and Polished, our vision is to inspire people to rethink waste and discover the beauty and functionality of repurposed glass. We believe that every glass bottle has the potential to become a unique and sustainable product, and we're committed to providing the tools and resources needed to turn that potential into reality.

We envision a world where people are empowered to create their own sustainable solutions, where waste is viewed as a valuable resource, and where products are designed with both beauty and functionality in mind. We see our glass bottle cutting kits as a small but meaningful step towards that vision, and we're dedicated to continuously improving and innovating our products to better serve our customers and the planet.


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